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Journal Name: International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS)

ISSN: 2664-4959 (Print)

ISSN: 2710-3749 (Online)

Frequency: Bi-Annual

Note: It has been decided after the meeting of the Editorial Board on 1st April 2021 that the 1st Issue of the Volume will be uploaded on the 30th of June & 2nd Issue will be Uploaded on 31st December)

Nature: Print and Online

Recognised by HEC in Y Category

Submission E-mail: tirjis@gmail.com / info@islamicjournals.com

Language of Publication: English, Arabic, Urdu

Published by: Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre (Private) Limited is registered under the Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) through the Securities And Exchange Commission Of Pakistan.

Place of Publication: Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Office: Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan.

Address: H No. BVII 316/45, Nishat Colony, Near Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan
Email ID of Research Centre: alriazqrs@gmail.com