International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal published by Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre. The journal is dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world. Particular attention is paid to works dealing with Islamic history, Islamic economics, Islamic sociology, Islamic law, Islamic philosophy, International relations, environmental and developmental issues as well as ethical questions related to scientific research. The journal is committed to the publication of original research on Islam as culture and civilization. The directors of Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre donates the money regarding the printing of the journal so that the Journal does not have any submission and publication fees.

International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) is a scientific forum to disseminate and publish scholarly writings of scholars from the national and international levels. The Journal is published in two editions annually in January and July.

Al-Riaz Quranic Research Centre invites scholars of all backgrounds related to Islamic Studies to publish their articles. The articles accepted in the academy are not limited to research reports but also conceptual ideas and book reviews. Manuscripts submitted can be written in either English, Arabic or Urdu.