Review of Atrocities against Rohingya Muslims: An Appraisal

1. Sadaf Butt,
Lecturer of Pakistan Studies, Department of Pakistan Studies,
Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Abbottabad,

2. Saad Jaffar,
Lecturer of Islamic studies, Department of Pakistan Studies,
Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Abbottabad

3. Nasir Ali khan,
Assistant prof, Comsats University Islamabad,
Abbottabad campus,


Rohingya Muslims are Myanmar’s minority but they have been facing brutal riots and genocide for several years. This genocide in the 21st century is a tragedy for the whole world of humanity. All major powers have remained silent on this incident, Rohingya Muslims evicted from their homes brutally, beaten, and killed. This paper critically evaluates how ruthless riots against Rohingya Muslims took place and how they took refuge in Bangladesh in bad conditions. Current research has mainly been conducted through primary and secondary sources including e. books, newspapers, electronic media, available official records, and documents from offices, archives, and libraries. The analytical and descriptive research critically examines the different aspects of genocide against Rohingya Muslims. This paper further highlights the indifference of the Myanmar leader, the riots could have ended if the Myanmar government had wanted to, but the silence of Myanmar leaders sparked genocide and today the millions of Rohingya Muslims are forced to live in other countries.

Keywords: Myanmar, Burma, Muslims, Genocide, Refugees


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