Heart Intelligence from Quran and Science: An Integrated Approach for the Evolution of Enlightened Self in the Society

1. Iram Gillani,
Ph.D. Scholar Sociology,
Sociology Department,
International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

2. Amber Ferdoos,
Assistant Professor,
Sociology Department,
International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan


This qualitative research paper has presented the theoretical underpinning of heart intelligence from the Quranic and scientific perspectives. Epistemological reductionism is the methodology used in this research which is an integrated approach for a thorough understanding of mechanisms that generates and maintains the connections between heart intelligence, self, society, nature, and God from the interdisciplinary perspectives. This research has explained three elements of the heart intelligence named, emotional, rational and spiritual according to their functions. These elements of the heart intelligence are explained from the verses of the Quran and scientific evidence is also provided. Realignment of the individual thoughts patterns with the heart intelligence is fundamental to peace, harmony and wellbeing at the individual, societal and global level. Through this Divine inner guiding system, individuals can understand the challenges of life and acquire true wisdom.  This research affirms that the socialization of heart intelligence will bring new more creative ways of thinking about the nature of reality and create the possibility for self-empowered existence where individuals in the society have enormous influence over their lives with an optimistic approach.

Keywords: Heart Intelligence, Quran & Science, Consciousness, Socialization, Society & Peace


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