Justice system of Islam in the form of Qisas, Diyat and Harabah for the protection of human dignity

Dr. Muhammad Zahid
Associate Professor Islamic studies
Khyber Medical College, Peshawar
Email: zahid_umar1966@yahoo.com


For peace in a society and to protect the lives and properties of all the individuals living in a society, it is necessary that there must be certain rules and regulations that govern the whole system of society.  A guideline for each and every aspect of human life should be there. For this purpose Islamic law or Shariah law took origin to govern an Islamic state and for avoiding injustice and to preserve human dignity Shariah law prescribes different forms of punishment which constitute the basic criminal justice system of Islam. These include Qisas, Diyat, and Harabah. Thus, the Quran not only specifies principles of retaliation in the form of Qisas but also gives an option of monetary compensation (blood money Diyat) to the aggrieved family of the victim. The fear of the consequences in the form of punishments prescribed by the Shariah Law must be there in a person’s mind before he commits a crime and this fear will abstain from violating human dignity by destroying his life and property.

Keywords: Qisas, Diyat, Harabah, Had and Tazeer


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