The Concept of Medical Treatment and Guidelines for Physicians in Islamic Perspective

1. Dr. Fazli Dayan, Assistant Professor, IPFP, Department of Shariah & Law, Islamia College Peshawar,
2. Prof. Dr. Nisar Muhammad, Dean Faculty of Religious and Legal Studies, Islamia College Peshawar,
3. Dr. Muhammad Zahid Associate Professor, Islamic studies Islamic Khyber Medical College, Peshawar


In fact, good health is the ultimate end of medicine for everyone through medical treatment. Islam does approve necessary measures to sustain good health. Thus its sustenance senses the subjects to avoid undue pains and sufferings. For this purpose medications and medical treatment is measured as a recognized tool in Islamic law. Therefore, this research paper reveals that numerous Muslim scientists worked on different branches of science, and hence the Muslim physicians execute one of the most complicated “eye surgery” almost six hundred (600) years earlier than the European physicians. Indeed, it is the Muslim scientists who discovered the ‘force of gravity’, ‘blood circulation’, ‘laws of motion’. Factually, they developed the ‘theory of evolution’, ‘differential and integral mathematics’ and many more in the field of science. Consequently, the words of Campbell in this regard are very important to note that: “the European medical system is Arabian not only in origin but also in its structure”, which signify that “Muslim scientists are directly responsible for the European renaissance”. Resultantly, this paper argues that ‘medical treatment is an obligation if one’s life is in danger’ since preservation and protection of life is one of the primary objectives of Shariah. Although, in extraordinary circumstances, seeking medical treatment is highly encouraged in Islam, and an ill person is supposed to pursue medical treatment because Allah almighty has made both the illness and the cure.

Keywords: Medical Treatment, Guidelines, Physicians, Competency, Religion, Shariah


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