Islamic Perspective on Peace and Role of Pakistan Army in Peacekeeping Missions: Historical Study


Dr. Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi,
Ph.D. Islamic Thought and Culture,
Department of Islamic Thought and Culture,
National University of Modern Languages Islamabad Pakistan


This research study explores the multifaceted relationship between Islamic concepts of peace and the significant participation of the Pakistan Army in global peacekeeping operations. The study utilizes a thorough historical analysis to explore the perspective on peace within Islamic teachings. It examines how this perspective influences a largely Muslim nation’s military involvement in global peacekeeping efforts. The article thoroughly examines the development of Islamic ideology regarding peace, delving into the Quranic commands and teachings of the Prophet that emphasize the utmost significance of promoting harmony and fairness in society. In light of this context, the study thoroughly analyses the diverse and convoluted role played by the Pakistan Army in several global peacekeeping operations, evaluating its commitment to Islamic principles and values. Utilizing extensive historical data, the study reveals the significant influence of Pakistan’s military engagement in conflict areas, highlighting the country’s dedication to upholding the concepts of peace, compassion, and humanitarianism advocated by Islamic teachings. The research provides valuable insights into the difficulties faced by the Pakistan Army in manoeuvring through the intricate landscape of peacekeeping. It also highlights the lessons learnt and the continuous improvement of techniques harmonizing with Islamic principles. This article enhances our comprehension of the connection between Islam, peace, and the involvement of the Pakistan Army in global peacekeeping endeavours by combining historical accounts with theological concepts. This approach is important for politicians, scholars, and practitioners who want to align military action with Islamic ideals to achieve a peaceful world.

Keywords: Islamic Perspective, Peace, Pakistan Army, Peacekeeping Missions, United Nations missions, Jihad


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