“The God Delusion”
میں وجود خدا اور کائناتی ڈیزائن بارے رچرڈ ڈاکنز کے الحادی بیانات: اسلامی تناظر میں تنقیدی مطالعہ

Richard Dawkins’s Atheistic Propositions regarding God and Cosmic Design in "The God Delusion": A Critical Study in Islamic Perspective
1. Muhammad Salman Mir
Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Islamic Thought History & Culture,
AIOU Islamabad

2. Ataullah
Ph.D. Scholar,
Department of Quran & Tafsir, AIOU Islamabad


“The God Delusion” is a famous best-seller book Written by British Scientist Richard Dawkins in 2006. It gains Great reception from non-religious academics around the globe. Due to a Strong stance against theism (i.e., Religion), it becomes a voice for atheism. Dawkins laid down his thesis on scientism. Throughout the book, Dawkins used to provide a rationale for the Nonexistence of God. In his book, he attributed the appearance of design to actual design itself and negates super-natural designers. He attributes complexity to the designer. He argues that the universe is irregular and stresses that Natural selection is the standard interpretation (for the origin of life) and in this regard, there is no need for a designer and takes Darwin’s evolution (natural selection) as a naturalistic theory. In this article, Dawkins’s stance regarding God as a Creator and Cosmic Design has been critically analysed.

Keywords: Cosmic Design, God Delusion, Atheism, NOMA, Laws of Nature


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